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“I am incredibly grateful that Abby was recommended to me! We started with a virtual consultation where we edited my closet and discussed my style preferences, style goals and the looks/ fits that I’m comfortable with. I thought that I had done a decent job purging my closet and donating what no longer suited me. However, Abby helped me further edit in order to get to a place where I was excited about the pieces I had and no longer felt overwhelmed by having things that just didn’t work. The second step was having Abby curate boards of various pieces that I needed to add back in. She nailed the style I was after, helping me to find the staples I was missing. For each look, she provided multiple options at various price points. This allowed me to order options and keep only what really worked. The final step (and best part) was having Abby into my closet to wardrobe looks for me! In just a few hours, she pulled together numerous looks complete with shoes and accessories! I received the “looks” through a shared album and was in complete AWE! All of the outfits are absolutely incredible and wearing each truly makes me feel more confident and polished! She truly was able to get to know me, the style I was after, and did it in a way that perfectly fit my personality and budget. I finally feel like I have a wardrobe that expresses who I am. It has been such a great experience working with Abby! She far exceeded my expectations! Her services are worth every dime and are the best investment you can make in yourself and your wardrobe!”


“Amazing! Abby is extremely talented and gifted. I have been working with Abby for 10 years. She understands my style and helps me to be the best in the style I like. I always look forward to my seasonal closet change and wardrobe upgrade with Abby. She is now doing my husbands closet too. Another perk with Abby I love (besides always working with her) is when she packs us for a trip. She always takes pictures of the outfits she has packed and it is so nice to look at when on our trip. My husband loves this feature. Abby’s beautiful spirit and love for what she is doing shines the minute you spend time with her. Truly has an amazing eye.”


“Abby is seriously the best. I have had her doing my closet audits for several years now and I wouldn’t even try it on my own now. She is so awesome when it comes to knowing what to purge and what to keep. She organizes everything BEAUTIFULLY. Her organizational system makes it so easy to find what you’re looking for and all of your clothes are in a place that just makes sense. Abby even did my husband’s closet and he was amazed with the results! Last year, Abby paired my outfits together before a trip of mine with digital pictures of all my outfits with day to evening transitions… I loved every outfit she put together! I love having her out and look forward to it every time!”


For our anniversary this year my husband gave me the gift of AbbyWoodwear! It was the best gift I could have asked for but never knew I needed, I guess I always thought only the rich and famous had personal stylists! I was the mother of a toddler and a newborn, and my wardrobe basically consisted of yoga pants and nursing tops. From the moment I met Abby at my consult I felt comfortable, like I had known her for years. Because I tend to be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothes, Abby did a closet audit that not only helped me organize the clothes and shoes I wanted to keep but also freed up space for new pieces that I could incorporate into my existing wardrobe. Abby has helped me find clothes that are flattering and stylish and showed me how to put outfits together in ways I never thought of. I get compliments all the time on my wardrobe now, a much needed confident boost! Most importantly Abby has become a friend and someone I can text before a big event or family pictures for random fashion advice without being judged. Abby has brought out the “cool mom” in me that was hiding underneath those yoga pants!


Abby Wood and her talents have made me feel like a new woman! My confidence increased, my style is *significantly* improved, and I can’t wait to go another round this fall! I love feeling so professional, put together, and confident when I walk out the door to work every day! I learned an important lesson from Abby- don’t be afraid to invest in yourself- the reward is more than worth it!


“Abby is hands down the person to work with when it comes to style. I always had an idea of what I wanted my style to be but Abby brought that to life and made it better. The first time Abby came over was awesome! I was so comfortable and we had a great time trying on clothes and finding my style. The outfits she put together were things I would have not thought about and they go so well together! Plus she organized my closet and my shoes!  I love that I can put on an outfit to go out and be so confident that I look AMAZING! Abby is an amazing person to work with and I highly recommend using her!”


“Having Abby come and look through my whole wardrobe and organize my closet was so special and well worth the money to have her help me. I am a recent college graduate and am working on growing my photography business. I was in such a rut trying to move away from my college clothes and into more of a professional style but at the same time a casual look. I told her to give me her full opinion on my clothes and she did which I greatly appreciated. During the process, she gave me tips and pointers along the way, which helped me change my point of view when I looked at my clothes. She opened my eyes to see that I have so many outfits with the clothes that I have in my closet. Abby paired things together that I would have never thought of, in turned she made numerous new outfits for me. She took photographs of all the new outfits she made for me and made a Pinterest board of my personal wardrobe. I am able to wake up in the mornings and not even have to think about what I should put together. It’s all done for me…such a special part of what Abby has to offer! And last but not least, she is such a bubbly and fun person to be around. She makes you feel comfortable and takes great care when going through your closet and making outfits for you. I would recommend Abby to anyone who is looking for that special touch in piecing your existing wardrobe all together. She works wonders!”


From the initial consultation to my first closet audit I was a bit hesitant, but excited to see what Abby could do. During the closet audit I really discovered how much and how long I had been hanging onto things that didn’t fit, were outdated or just plain worn out. Once she had audited my closet, she created a list of items I needed to add to my wardrobe AND she created outfits out of what she had salvaged from my mess of a closet! I had premade head to toe outfits from the items in MY closet!


For anyone who knows me longer than 3 years…you would know that without Abby Wood, I have style reminiscent of the 80’s + 90’s = no style. Not only does Abby Wood know how to put looks together that make you feel like your best YOU but she has saint-like patience and unrivaled kindness. When you can’t remember what the heck she told you “works together,” after she leaves, she creates personalized handy-dandy lookbooks to jog your memory. I can’t wait to see where AbbyWoodWear goes. Pretty sure she will be a “I know you when” story.


I am addicted to Abby Wood – since I began working with her (4 seasons ago, but who’s counting?) I have not bought a single piece of clothing without consulting her. ​She has helped me to clear out the clothes that don’t work and add pieces that do; all within in my budget. In her sweet, fun way she’s also gotten me to try and buy clothing I normally wouldn’t give a second look – and now love! Plus, I get to shop in my own bedroom because she brings it all to me! I’ve never felt better about my wardrobe. Thank you AbbyWood!





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