Fall trend report: How to incorporate that sneaker into your daily wardrobe and look cool doing it

If you follow along my fashion blog in Herlife magazine, then you know that I have a love for shoes. Shoes can make or break a look so I always make sure to keep my footwear on point. And, for the last year or so, the sneaker trend has ben growing and growing and might be one of my fave shoe trends to date! But with the evolution of a trend, comes new iterations on a simple basic. It isn’t just sport brands like Nike or Adidas that are making sneakers anymore….it’s EVERYONE…which is great because there is bound to be a style out there that is just for you. But, I totally get it. Sometimes too much variety can become overwhelming and take all the fun out of shopping! Shopping is supposed to fun and help you learn how to express your personal style….not frustrating. Soooo, I am here to give you a little insight on how to dip your “toe” into a new pair of sneakers.


Classic Cool Style

You feel best in your favorite jeans and a t-shirt so your footwear should reflect that classic cool vibe. Go for retro styled sneaks in neutral colors. These shoes will instantly uplevel any look for that feeling that will make you say “I feel so cool but also I am super comfortable!” You can’t go wrong with these!



Modern and Trendy


You love mixing prints and wearing unexpected combinations of clothes. You are always one step ahead of the pack with the latest trend and once you have conquered it you are ready for the next one. Try an “out of the box” shoe like these!


Classic Traditional


You feel best when you are wearing a collared button down with pants or jeans. You exude that traditional Ralph Lauren vibe and you are a little afraid that the sneaker trend is not for you. On the contrary! Many traditional brands have expanded their offering to sneakers so they will still look classic with your style but they will also be a great update to your wardrobe. Black or white leather is always going to look great. Living on the edge? Try one of these styles in a fall color like Merlot or Grey.

When my clients started integrating the sneaker trend into their wardrobe last Spring, the first thing they said was…” Abby, these are awesome and so super comfortable but how the heck am I supposed to wear them?” And the answer is…pretty much however you want (within reason of course.) Just like anything, when you try out a new trend, the most important thing is to wear it with confidence. Because confidence is one of the best looking styles out there.

Here are a couple of my favorite ways to rock those new sneaks!

Classic Cool Vibe: Throw those old skool vans on with your jeans and t-shirt, or pull a dress out of your closet and pair it with that. For Fall, grab that new jean skirt (that I am going to talk about next week) and pair it with a sweater and finish it off with your retro sneak.

Modern Trendy: You can’t wait to throw those leopard print sneaks on with your black trouser pants for a menswear vibe. Or break out some mule styled sneakers to go with that shift dress. This is the perfect way to elevate a business casual look. But, of course all of these styles can be worn casual as well.

Classic traditional: Since the classic traditional styled sneakers are “dressier”, there are even more options. Picture the perfect white collared button down shirt, tucked into your black skinny jeans, cinch the waist with a classic brown leather belt and finish off with that clean white simple sneaker. This is the perfect way to freshen up your traditional look.

Wanting to try out something different this week, I decided to switch up my usual jeans/t-shirt/sneaks look (I know I am so BASIC) and instead tried a dress/jean jacket/sneak look. I ended up loving it and felt cool yet feminine and most important…confident.


Which sneakers are your favorite? What is your favorite new way to wear sneakers? I would love to hear!!