Have you ever wondered how Gigi Hadid always looks so put together? Well…

  1. She is a supermodel and she is around amazing designers on the daily.
  2. Her mother is the stunning Yolanda Foster who always looks timeless in her all white get ups.
  3. She employs a stylist, Monica Rose (whom I happen to adore.)

Monica Rose styles a long list of A-listers including: Jennifer Lopez, Giuliana Rancic, Mindy Kaling, the lovely Gigi and yes the Kardashians. She has a way with putting muted tones together to create some of the most jaw-dropping, sophisticated looks that I have seen all year. Her work is a daily inspiration to my personal style and how I style some of my clients as well!

While monochromatic dressing sometimes has somewhat of a masculine feel, you can fem it up with shoes, accessories and extra lady-like details. When I dress monochromatic I feel classic, put together, and chic…even when I am rocking a black V-neck t-shirt , which happens to be one of my favorite items in my closet. I know right, a plain black t-shirt. Sounds boring right? Nope. Because at the end of the day, it is more about the way you style that t-shirt that makes all of the difference. The same rule applies with monochromatic dressing. It is all about how you style the muted tones that will make your look head-to-toe chic. Think shades of grey, hues of blush, buttery creams and beiges, black on black, black on grey or white on white. If you are more feminine in you style, veer more towards the lighter colors like blush, pinks and greys.

Another reason this style is amazing? It is such an easy way to piece outfits together from your current wardrobe. Do you have black denim and a black blouse? Wear them together and turn heads all day. Add a statement coat, your favorite pair of booties and some striking gold jewelry to finish it off.



Mono3 mono2

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Look for different textures in your fabrics it will add more depth to your look.
  • Don’t worry if your blacks don’t match because you do not want the colors to match perfectly. (My grandmother taught me that years and years ago…she was a fashionista ahead of her time.)
  • Don’t over analyze what you pick out. That is the beauty and ease of this look. No guessing.
  • Be confident in your style. Walk with poise and self-assurance and others will never doubt you.


Clickable guide of how you can get my look:
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Do you like this style? If so, challenge yourself to try it one day this week. If you do, let me know in the comments below or share a pic with me!

Until next Friday…