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Have you noticed? Overalls are everywhere. More and more people are getting on board with this new/old trend and many are really pulling it off. Unfortunately, I am not going to be one of those people. Here is my thing with overalls. They are just NOT one of trends that would fit under the category of “one style fits all”. And just because a style is trendy, doesn’t mean you HAVE to wear it. Remember that. Those are words to live by…at least in the style world. Not every style is made for every body type and even if they were, what fun would that be?

Overalls (although super cute on some) tend to enhance your hips because of the way they are shaped. They are basically shaped like a triangle with the widest part right over your hip area. When your hips are a little bit wider (like mine), it just isn’t very slimming. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to wear to wear something that is slimming to my body type.

So whenever there is a trend that just isn’t for me, I find an alternative. In this case, I decided to give this these Black Denim Coveralls a try. IT WAS A WIN. I love that it is black but wanted to spice it up a little bit. So, I added a coral statement necklace and my olive green booties. Outfit complete! Is there a small chance I feel like I am channeling a chic mechanic vibe? Yep. Does it bother me? Nope.


5 Reasons to try Coveralls

  • You are basically wearing a jumpsuit and jumpsuits are awesome.
  • This look is what we call “one-piece” dressing, which is easy. All you have to do is accessorize and you are set to go!
  • This look is more conservative and cold weather “friendly” than a typical jumpsuit because it has full-length sleeves.
  • The built in waistband will actually give you a waist!
  • This piece will streamline your body making the eye go from top to bottom in one fluid motion. This tricks the eye into making your brain think this silhouette is even more slimming than you already know it is.


Style Tips

  • ALWAYS TRY IT ON. Because this is a one-piece garment, fit is key. Pay close attention to the length in the torso area. It cannot be too short or bad things will happen.
  • Dress it up with a pair of fun heels and some bright jewels.
  • Make it more casual with booties and by layering it with a longer sweater.
  • Wear it with confidence!

Are you open to trying Coveralls this Fall season? You are? Well then here are a couple of other pairs I really like: this one, this one or even this one

Until next Friday…