If you are a girl, you know that finding the perfect pair of denim can be tough. With so many different cuts and styles out there where do you start?

With Fall finally here, I have received many inquiries in regards to finding the perfect jeans! Unfortunately, I don’t’ have a definitive answer for everyone. I wish that the “sisterhood of the traveling pants” pants…actually existed. But alas, all jeans fit differently and in order to find the best pair for you, you have to try them on. But, in hopes of making your next jean shopping trip more successful, I have put together a list of tips and tricks to help you on your quest! Happy shopping!


How to find the best fitting denim


Fabric content-check the tag for fabric content. 100% cotton will stretch and sag and usually won’t bounce back until you wash them again. Always look for at least 3-5% lycra. Elasticity will extend the life of the denim and help it to keep its shape after wearing them.


Look for the straight of the grain– make sure the fabric is cut on the grain. You can tell by looking at the denim and checking to make sure the fabric is straight. Look for the faint vertical line in the weave of the denim. It should go from top to bottom and not horizontal into the seam. Most premium denim will be cut on the grain. You will be able to tell right away if it isn’t because the seams will twist as you wear them.


Size doesn’t matter-every brand runs differently because they all use different fit models. You may be a size 28 in one brand but a size 30 in another. So try not to pay attention to the number and focus on fit. Always take at least 2 different sizes in the dressing room to try.


The sit-jump test– you might think it is silly but I always tell people to jump up and down in the dressing room. Denim with stretch can sometimes have a mind of its own and can shift as you wear it. So sit in them and see if they are comfortable. Then, jump up and down and see if the stay in place.


Don’t shimmy into them– Nowadays, jeans have a lot of stretch in the fabric. In order to make it work with you and not against you, try this trick. When you are putting your jeans on, pull them up from the waistband in the back. Once they are situated around your backside, slide your hands towards the front and pull up. This should ensure that the inseam of the jean is where it should be and will give you the best fit.

To give you a head start on shopping, below are a couple of my favorite denim finds this season in all different price ranges!

If you are on the curvier side, or prefer more of a mid to high rise jean…try Jag, KUT or NYDJ.

Once you have found the perfect pair of jeans, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Never put them in the dryer-because you are looking for denim that has some elasticity in the fabric you never want to put them in the dryer. Dryer heat will eat away at the elastic causing the fabric to lose its elasticity or bounce. Line drying will protect the elastic.
  2. If your denim has a darker dye tint, try washing them inside out with ¼ cup of white vinegar. The vinegar treatment will help to set the dye of the denim to prevent fading. Yay!

Just in case you missed it…..watch here for my latest segment on finding the perfect denim!

Make sure to use these tips and tricks for your next shopping trip. And if you still can’t find any, don’t fret! You can always call your favorite personal stylist!  Call me! I am booking Fall Denim appointments now!

Have you found a great pair of jeans this fall already? I would love to hear what they are, where you found them and why you love them! Let me know in the comments below! Happy Shopping!