One of my goals for 2018 was to make sure I shared my Herlife Magazine articles over here on…and if you are wondering what I am talking about…I’ll fill you in. For the past year 2 years, I have had my own column “The Fashion Blog” in Herlife Magazine. It’s a publication run by women to empower women and I feel very lucky to be able to contribute my writing each month. You can see the magazine all around Kansas City. But, since I know not everyone gets the opportunity to see it, I wanted to make sure I share each fashion blog over here on abbywoodwear!

So what are we talking about for the March issue? Spring Trends OF COURSE! I know it might not feel like it yet, but warm weather is right around the corner! It’s time to breathe a little fresh air into your closet! Spring is the perfect time for a closet update. It’s out with the old, so that you can make room for the new fresh styles.

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The Wide-Leg Pant

Raise your hand if you love the illusion of legs for days? This style is great for EVERYONE! Tall gals, short gals and everyone in-between – including anyone with fuller legs. Elevate your outfit with a taller heel or wedge and a fitted top to balance out the fullness of your pants. For a classic silhouette, tuck your top into the pants ALL THE WAY AROUND.
AWW Stylist Tip: Tailoring is KEY with wide-leg pants. If you fall in love with a pair, make sure to have them adjusted perfectly to your body. Extra points if they are Flame Red!


Paper-Bag Waist Pant

Create the look of a tiny waist and hide your tummy!

These are great for anyone with a rectangle shape or someone that is straight up and down. The top of the pant creates a waistline for anyone without one. If you have an Apple shape, the pleating at the top of the pant will camouflage any tummy issues. Pair these pants with an Ultra fitted top (tucked in) to balance out your look.


AWW Stylist Tip: If you’re not 100% confident in your fitted top, remember to add your favorite third-piece like a leather jacket or vest.


Closed-Toe Mule Shoes

2017 was all about the open toe mule and in 2018 it’s all mules, all the time. The shallow cut of the top of the shoe will show off the skinniest part of your foot and ankle. These look ultra-sophisticated paired with a dress or surprisingly unexpected with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.


AWW Stylist Tip: Look for a block-heel style mule. The thick heel will counter-act the pressure on the ball of your foot and be more comfortable for all day.


Rocker or Logo Tee

The 90’s are TOTALLY back.

Who is it great for: Anyone that loves trends, modern style and being comfortable!

Layer your t-shirt under a chunky cardigan with some leather leggings or tuck it in to your favorite pair of denim jeans with a fun belt.
AWW Stylist Tip: Have fun! Try a half-tuck, tie it on the side or roll your sleeves to elevate your look.


Menswear Fabric

It’s been here for a minute and its not going anywhere soon. Menswear fabrics are popping up all over in women’s apparel and in unexpected pieces!

Look for a checked or plaid blazer to throw over t-shirts (like your rocker shirt above!) or even a dress for classic modern style.
AWW Stylist Tip: Go for a single-breasted style if you have a larger bust and love a classic fit. If your frame is more petite, try out the “back from the 90’s” super hip, statement-making double-breasted style.