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I know what you are thinking. Last week, I told you I wouldn’t be traveling anywhere warm anytime soon, and yet here I am with a glorious glow surrounded by ocean! No, I didn’t go on a spur of the moment trip. This is me (a couple months ago) when the bubs and I took a vacay to the Dominican Republic. We stayed at the Sanctuary Cap Cana in Punta Cana. Our resort was a castle (literally) and the staff was generous and kind. We had a great time celebrating our 5 year anniversary! Scott was a great sport and took some outfit pictures while we were there (I am such a lucky girl.)


Whenever I travel to warm locations, I spend as much time at the pool or ocean as I can. I love relaxing in the sun and I finally figured out that if you wear sunblock, you still get a tan. Thanks Mom for teaching me that. With that being said, I always pack quite a few cover ups. I especially loved this look. The neon coral color makes anyone look tan. The loose fitting, flowy, cold shoulder look was so comfortable. Normally you will NOT find me in a crop top, but when on vacation sometimes I break my own rules.These culottes were a great find too! They were comfy and didn’t pinch my sides or (ahem…love handles.) Since they were black I was able to wear them with a couple of different tops. (See last weeks post about black and white wardrobe travel capsules. )


And a beach hat. ALWAYS pack a beach hat to protect your face. You can wear it on the plane and looks super chic.

Here are a couple of items inspirational of the ones I am wearing above. Hint: if you hover over the items, you can click on them!


Before we left for our trip I did a bit of research on how to make the most of my packing situation. Packing for travel to different countries can be overwhelming, especially when your destination is smaller and somewhat remote. What if you forget something? What if your shampoo spills all over everything? What if…what if…what if. It is highly unlikely you are going to find a Target next to your resort to pick up some essentials either. Soooo, to overcome this frightening overwhelm, I have put together a small list of travel hacks to keep in mind for your next adventure.

My genius Travel hacks

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  • Dryer sheets. I’m not sure if anyone really knows why, but sometimes traveling to places with high heat can make the clothes in your suitcase…well…a little stinky. Pack a couple of dryer sheets in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.
  • Straws. Jewelry tends to get tangled when you travel. To prevent this from happening, loop chains through a drinking straw to keep them untangled.
  • Roll your clothes. Instead of laying flat, roll your clothing up like a burrito before packing it in your suitcase. Not only will you save space, but you will also save your garments from becoming terribly wrinkled.
  • Use a button to keep earrings paired together. I love to wear stud earrings. But, I am always afraid I will lose them. Find a button and use that as an earring holder to keep them together.
  • Use a large binder clip on your razor. Protect the blade of your razor (and your fingers) by placing a large binder clip on the end of your razor.
  • Saran Wrap over bottles with liquid. Prevent liquid from spilling all over the items in your suitcase by sealing the bottle with saran wrap. Place plastic around the top of the bottle and them screw the cap on over.
  • Stay hydrated. I always travel with an empty Nalgene bottle to fill up after I go through security. Flying can make a person very dehydrated so consistently drinking water before you leave will be a huge help. Because I try to drink 64oz of water a day all the time, having my bottle with me on vacay helps me remember to do this.

Hope these help you on your next vacay! Until next Friday…