Fall is DEFINITELY upon us. If you live in the Midwest, that means unpredictable weather. It can be warm on Monday, rainy and cold on Tuesday, snow by Friday and then back up to 65 degrees by Saturday. Unpredictable weather calls for some critical thinking in the style department. This is when “transitional” pieces come into play. What are my favorite transitional pieces you ask? Boots and Vests! What is my favorite way to play with them? Over dresses!


As a rule, I go ahead and switch my closet out (summer wardrobe to fall wardrobe) with the fall of the first autumn leaf. But…because I live in Kansas, I know that Fall weather can change on a dime. With that being said, I do keep a few lighter weight dresses in my closet for those unusual amazing autumn days. As a stylist I am constantly coaching my clients on how to stretch their wardrobe as far as it can go. Why wouldn’t you want to make the most of what you already have? Using transitional pieces is a SUPER easy way to get more value out of otherwise season specific pieces. Can you hear all that money I am saving you chichinging in your head? Hope so!


In the Spring and Summer, I wore this cute frock with wedges and sandals. In order to “transition” my dress to be season appropriate, I added my favorite pair of taupe suede boots (sometimes I like to take a break from my booties) and my favorite fur vest. And all of the sudden, my Summer dress is Fall ready. You can totally do this too. I dare you. Just kidding. But seriously, don’t be afraid to dig in your closet and try this look too!

Outfit Deets:

Fur Vest: (old) Here are three similar options under $75!  look at this one, or this, or this one is a steal
(I know, I know…I wrote about this vest a couple of weeks ago. But, apparently I just can’t get enough of it!)

Dress: (Scoobie) Here is a similar one and it is pretty cute! Look at this one.

Boots (Aldo) Here are some other options similar. These, these and these.

Cross your fingers the weather stays nice for just a little bit longer!

Until next Friday…