If you have only known me a short time, you might not know that I majored in Art History in college. Yep that’s right. I know what you are thinking, “Interesting choice Abby. What are you going to do with that?” It probably wasn’t the most conventional major but that never bothered me. I loved learning about artist’s from all different centuries. Each one was unique and crafted their pieces from inspiration and purpose.


After I graduated, I wondered if I would ever be able to use my major, but now I realize that I do…EVERYDAY…with my styling. To me, styling is an art. You can draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere: from looking at magazines like Harpers Bazzar to watching reality TV and E!News to see what the “it girls” are wearing. One of my fave activities is people watching. My husband gets embarassed because he thinks I am starring, and I really try not to. But, if I AM starring at someone, it’s probably because I love what they are wearing and how they are wearing it. This will also usually spark an idea for a new outfit or look. So the next time you see somebody starring at you, its probably because you are rocking your look so you should feel flattered and totally good about yourself.


In the end, Art History made sense because even though I am not an artist in the “convential” sense, I still use the same process as any artist would. My style and vision are created from inspiration and purpose just like them.


This past weekend, to celebrate my past scholary achievements, I visited Kansas City’s famous Plaza Art Fair. Walking the streets from booth to booth, this painting caught my attention:


The artist, Joseph Bradley is amazingly talented. I found out he sells some of his work at Anthropologie (which makes sense of why I liked it so much.) The luxe metallic leafing totally reminded me of my shoes I was wearing that day. I haven’t had them for a long time but they have been a great addition to my wardrobe for the end of summer. Metallics pretty much go with everything and these shoes are no exception. I love the fun details on the sides and that they tie up the ankle (but not too much that they chop my legs off). The tiny heel is perfect for comfortable summer festival walking but dressier than a flip flop. And metallics are great for fall so I can wear them as long as it is warm out:) You can still get them here. (bonus: they are on sale!)


Art and fashion trends absolutely influence each other. Metallics hues in a painting are just as striking on in clothing or accessories. I mean…gold, silver, bronze or rose gold could all be used as a neutrals to enhance your style. A great transition pallette for fall could be a white/rose gold/olive combo look…which would be pretty amazing. Metallics don’t have to be flashy, styled in the correct way they can finish a look to be completely chic. New to Metallics? Try some subtle additions to update your look and have some fun with it. What metallics are you going to try?

Mettalic Maven