2016 was filled with so many firsts for my little business. It was my first year styling full time, my first time styling a professional magazine photo shoot, my first magazine column, my first time on TV, my first full year of blogging and the first time I was actually unbelievably happy in my career. Most of these firsts didn’t happen just because. They are the product of hard work, amazing support and a network of outstanding people that believed in me.

Flashback to Jan. 2016…I had just left my corporate (we will use that word loosely) job to start a new adventure of working for myself. I was scared, nervous and very uncertain of what would come of it, but I was also hopeful. Although it doesn’t always make sense, I do believe that sometimes things happen for a reason.

Now after 34 years, I have finally found what my passion is and have finally found something that doesn’t feel like work. I am so very grateful for what Abbywoodwear has become in just one short year and it is largely in part because of you! Thank you for supporting me throughout 2016. Stay tuned in 2017 for more posts about style tips and tricks from your favorite personal stylist! Now…on to watch the Golden Globes!