Fashion trends have always followed the regular seasons of the year…Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and don’t forget HOLIDAY! And it just so happens that the holiday season is definitely becoming one of my favorites! For the past few weeks I have been a busy bee helping people find the perfect look for their holiday events…from work christmas parties to holiday get together’s to the perfect New Year’s look (you can never be too prepared), there are all sorts of new trends and ways to express your holiday cheer!

The theme of Holiday 2017 is all about Details and Decadence! What does that even mean you ask?? I am going to break it down for you.

The color Red! Not only is this color festive but it is trending and it is a statement itself. Pop your wardrobe with pieces in your favorite red.

Velvet  Plain or crushed in tops and bottoms or shoes!

Extra embellishment Think pearls, jewels and appliques on jeans, sweater and even jackets.

Unexpected design details like the one shoulder top, asymmetrical bows and bell sleeves and cuffs.

Delicate Embroidery on delicate fabrics for that extra special look.

Faux Fur From leopard to jet black. A faux fur jacket or vest is the perfect thing to polish off that holiday look.

Leather I am talking anything leather including pants, skirts and jackets.



With all of these “over the top” trends and statement pieces in the stores, it might be a little tricky to navigate how to wear them. So here a couple of tips and tricks from yours truly so that you can find the best holiday look that feels just like YOU!

  1. Balance out the decadent details by pairing a statement piece with a basic wardrobe piece. Your statement piece was made to be the star of the show! Make sure the pieces accompanying it are only supporting roles.
  2. With in doubt, wear black on black. Try pairing contrasting fabrics in black to create a juxtaposition of texture. This monochromatic look is slimming and sophisticated. Add more dimension by accessorizing in color with shoes or jewelry.
  3. Sometimes that understated look with a simple detail is the perfect formula. Take the “less is more” approach and simplify your look with classic wardrobe pieces with a tiny twist.
  4. If your style is classic, then you can never go wrong with the perfect red sweater. Wear it casual with a denim blue jean and dress it up with a black denim jean. Update the classic sweater look and nip in your waist at the same time, by doing the half tuck to the side with your sweater!

If you normally are a play it safe kinda gal, this is the perfect time to step out of the box and try something daring because well…it’s the holiday season and really anything goes. For example, I found my jam with some outrageous red suede booties:) Now.. go find YOUR perfect holiday look!