Many of you know that I am expecting in March of 2019! I have experienced many new things in the past 6 months but I have learned that being pregnant and being a stylist does have its perks. I have found all sorts of different ways to dress the bump,  and most of them do not include maternity clothes! In fact, my “uniforms” these days are not so dissimilar from the way I dressed before. At the end of the day it’s all about creating figure flattering looks! Always wanting to look polished, I have found myself sticking to a couple of different uniforms and modifying them as the tummy grows.

Uniform 1.

I am a big fan of wearing dark colors to slim any type of figure. One of my favorite uniforms from BP (before pregnancy) and now is wearing black jeans paired with some type of black top topped off with a 3rd piece. This 3rd piece can be a jacket, a duster or a cardigan. I popped into Kindred at Oak Park Mall to find some inexpensive 3rd piece options for my uniforms and found all sorts of options! Right now they have so many jackets including fun faux furs, long sweater dusters and even great faux leather options!

I am absolutely in love with this fuzzy fringe jacket that I found from Ensemble which is one of the boutiques that Kindred carries! It is perfect for a couple of holiday parties I have coming up and I will be able to wear it AP (after pregnant). Win-Win!

Any 3rd piece will add interest to an otherwise boring black on black look. Try to play with different textures to add even more depth to your look. BP, I would always add a belt to accentuate my waist and to add balance but since that isn’t happening right now, I opt for fitted  tops to wear under my 3rd piece, to balance out the look.

Uniform 2.

A fitted dress with a 3rd piece was one of my go-to’s for the first few months of pregnancy. But sometimes just a dress felt a little light so I always added something to finish it off. Can anyone guess what it is? That’s right friends…a 3rd piece. Sometimes I would style a jacket or sweater around my waist (under the bump) to create a faux waistand throw on some sneakers! It is getting a little chilly for that now, but if you happen to be pregnant in the Spring or summer you could do this too!

Whether you are pregnant or not, always remember to have fun with your style. Before you shop, take a few minutes to play in your closet to see what YOUR favorite uniform is. Having a clear view of what you love, will make your shopping trips concise. And if you love uniform 1, pop in to see my friends at Kindred and they can help you find the perfect 3rd piece for you!