These days, a coat isn’t just a coat. It is a third piece to finish your head-to-toe look. It is a way to showcase your personal style. It is an easy way to make a statement with just one piece.

As fall weather has started to become a thing the past couple of weeks, I have started to yearn for the perfect CLASSICALLY styled transitional jacket/coat to wear. And I found JUST the style. Dusters. What’s not to love? They are super stylish, completely functional and totally practical for cooler weather.


The Deets on Dusters: Some have more modern styling and others have a more structured look…think double-breasted with notched lapels. They come in trench styles and wool styles. They are usually offered in the basics: black and camel. However, I have noticed a couple of other colors peeking out like olive, wine and grey. I have even seen some in checked prints. So Fun! Are you in the market for a new jacket or coat? Oh…you are? Then keep reading!


5 Reasons WHY a DUSTER should be your next outwear purchase.

  • It is functional. As the weather gets colder and colder you will be thanking me for helping you find something that is going to keep you warmer than your usual pea coat.
  • It can be worn dressed up OR (my favorite) over casual clothes which looks super chic.
  • The long length of a duster will instantaneously add a glamorous element to your look. Who DOESN’T want to look glamorous at all times?
  • The fit is supposed to be loose which means you don’t have to worry about feeling wearing layers and feeling bound up and uncomfortable. (I hate that feeling.)
  • It is a CLASSIC trend that means it won’t go out of style next week. Anytime I have the chance to look effortlessly classic, I do.


What to look for when buying a Duster

  • The length should hit you somewhere in the range of mid calf-ish to floor grazing. If you aren’t used to wearing longer styles, trust me you will learn to love it and you will be WARM TOO!
  • The fabric needs to be of good quality. Outerwear is something that gets way more wear than that new top you just bought. So be open to spending a little bit more on it. It doesn’t have to be super super expensive, just as long as the quality content is decent.
  • TRY IT ON. Put your hands up in front of you at 10 and 2…like you are driving a car. Does it feel uncomfortable? Is it pulling anywhere across the back? Do you like the way it looks in a mirror?






My duster is more of a trench style and also happens to be vintage, but I am currently in the market for a wool blend duster. I need your help deciding! Which one should I get?

This one, or maybe this one, or this one?

Vote for your favorite one in the comments below!

Until next Friday…