I have always loved the look of tonal dressing…mostly black on black. This monochromatic look is effortless, chic and most importantly…SLIMMING. Recently though, I have been drawn to blue and navy hues when I have been out shopping. Before I knew I had purchased bottoms and tops in the shade. So instead of my usual black on black monochromatic style I decided to try something new: Monochromatic Navy.


Outfit deets:

This style have been trending for decades. Olivia Palermo knows how to do it well. I especially love this Marsala on Marsala look she is of course pulling off.

Some shy away from monochromatic fashion because they think it is too matchy-matchy, or boring, or they aren’t quite sure how to pull it off. Here are two ways to try monochromatic dressing and look super chic. Both will give you a BOLD and overall tonal look.

  1. Pick separates of one color that have different textures. The different fabric textures will disguise any colors that might be slightly off and will make your look have more depth. (Plus, my grandma who was an expert in fashion always told me if doesn’t have to match exactly.)
  2. Pick a variety of separates with similar SHADES and HUES and go WILD. Accessorize in contrasting colors. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Everything looks different ON, than on the hanger.

Wearing monochromatic outfits is a simple and clean approach to dressing. It will elongate your shape and make you appear much slimmer and taller than you actually are…ummm I am pretty sure everyone wants that. I mean look how tall I look…..:)

What is your favorite monochromatic color to wear? Or what are you going to try now?