Athleisure, it’s everywhere. The old saying “leggings aren’t pants” is a thing of the past because folks, leggings as pants is a REAL style for everyday women. I can hardly go anywhere these days without seeing a woman wearing leggings as pants and to be honest, I get it! Especially now with a baby on the way, the athleisure look is making a big appearance in my wardrobe. But, I am making a rule for myself…if I wear leggings, my look has to be on point! So take my advice too! Yes, leggings are comfortable and magically always seem to fit. But, if you are going to be wearing leggings, try to jazz them up a bit and add some personal style.

My formula for the perfect Athleisure look

Step 1: Find the perfect pair of leggings.

  • Great leggings should be thick and opaque. No see-through fabric!
  • Always pay attention to the rise and steer towards a mid to high-rise for the most flattering fit.
  • Check the length. Just like pants or denim, leggings should be the correct length on your leg. If they are too long, do not be afraid to have them hemmed.

Step 2. Add a sweater or “fancy” sweatshirt on top. My current favorite is this shredded black knit sweater that I found at Kindred from Everyday Runway! It totally fits my “all black but edgy” personal style! I can always find something I love at Kindred, and I am sure you would be able to as well! In fact, they have a huge variety of sweaters and cardigans right now. Perfect with jeans or with your athleisure look!

  • if you choose to go the fancy sweatshirt or t-shirt route, make sure they are something that you might also pair with jeans.
  • Tunic style or oversized sweaters are perfect if you would like a little bit more coverage in the front or your backside.

Step 3 .Finish it off with a sneaker that you DO NOT WEAR TO THE GYM.

  • Slip on sneakers
  • Lace-up leisure sneakers
  • Retro style sneakers


Now, go get your athleisure on! And if you are in search of some great priced sweaters and cardigans to complete your look, go see my friends at Kindred!