It was just one of those mornings when I woke up not feeling my skinniest. It was going to be a fat day. I try not to call them that because it casts a negative vibe on my entire day. So instead, I call them my “black on black” day. This means, I am probably going to wear some type of look that incorporates the color black.

No matter what, black is always going to be slimming on you. Pair a black top with a black bottom and your body will INSTANTLY be streamlined. Not a huge fan of this dark combo? Don’t worry…The final ingredient of mastering the “black on black” is throwing on a fun cardigan, duster, or jacket over your look. It’s a way of showcasing your awesome 3rd piece  (instead of emphasizing that pooch you might be sporting that day.) Personally, I tend to grab for neutrals over my black on black, but I have been known to throw on something colorful too. Try a buffalo plaid poncho, a brightly colored Aztec colored cardigan or a super chic camel duster. Styling is all about tricking the eye, and this is one of my favorite magic tricks!


Going through my client’s closets, I have taken notice that many women have a pair of jeans that they call their “fat jeans”. If someone indicates that they have a pair of these so called “fat jeans”, I immediately put them in the give-away pile. Think about it. If you have a pair of jeans that you ONLY wear when you are having one of these days, the entire day you are going to associate yourself with feeling fat too. So instead, refocus your energy on trying to find a look that is going to make you look and feel as slim as possible. Also, water. Drink lots of water.


So here’s your homework.

Step 1: Look in your closet for your so-called fat jeans.

Step 2: Try them on.

Step 3: Survey the fit, style and wear and tear and then ask yourself these questions.

  • Do they look frumpy on you?
  • Is the style outdated but you keep them around JUST because they are your notorious fat jeans?
  • Is the hem fraying or do you see holes in places there shouldn’t be?

If all of your answers are yes, then you know it is time to move on and give them up. Not quite ready to part with them, that’s ok. Keep them. But, next time you go to grab for them, remember this little bit of style advice from your friend Abby…and you may change your mind.


Until next Friday…