As a thirty something girl now, I look forward to Sunday brunch like I used to look forward to a Saturday night out on the plaza. Back then, the perfect outfit was usually a recipe for a great night out. Now that Sunday brunch is my big event for the week, I of course still want to look stylish.

Almost every Sunday morning, my hubby and I have a leisurely brunch date at one of our favorite spots, First Watch. It isn’t a very fancy spot, but we love it. They make our fave breakfast and customize our crazy requests…(always sub strawberries for potatoes) and everyone literally “knows our name”. We take our time, as everyone should on Sundays, to relax and prepare for the upcoming week.

So what is the appropriate dress for casual brunching? Why athleisure of course! Athleisure is active wear functioning as everyday style. This phenomenon, has swept the world of fashion. But you guys, when I say athleisure, I am not just talking about throwing on your gym clothes and calling it a day. You still want to put some thought into your look. If you are wearing leggings, pair it with something unexpected and something you WOULD NOT normally wear to the gym. Athleisure may be comfortable but the goal is to exude style as well!

How to nail the Athleisure look in 4 easy steps.


  1. Grab your leggings. Skinny leggings. Black or printed. Make sure they are a great fit. Black joggers will work too!
  2. Now, grab your favorite cable knit sweater or plaid shirt.
  3. Next, pull out some fun sneakers. Choose Converse over your actual gym shoes. This is KEY. You want to look stylish, not like you are coming or going from the gym.
  4. Finish with a stylish hat and simple jewelry.

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Now you are head-to-toe athleisure appropriate and comfortable for anything your weekend brings…including brunch!

Here a couple of fun athleisure looks to use for you to use for inspiration!

Until next next week…