How to pre-game your wardrobe game like a pro-just in time for Spring!


Well friends…it’s February. The month of love! But in the style world, it’s that weird spot between winter coats and espadrilles. Spring is right around the corner and the stores are showing pieces that scream warmer temps, but the weather still dictates sweaters and cozy cardigans. What’s a girl to do? It’s time to get out of the stores and into your closet! February is the perfect time to really “fine-tune” what you love and don’t love, in order to be ready for Spring 2018. In order to do that I have just a little bit of homework. Follow the steps below for a little pre-season wardrobe check-in, compliments of your favorite personal stylist!


  1. First thing’s first. Take a cruise through your current wardrobe. Do you have anything that is season appropriate but you haven’t worn this season? If so, you have two options: you can say “sianora!” OR you can challenge yourself to rotate that lonely item into the mix. If you haven’t worn it yet, it might deserve one last chance.


  1. Take Inventory. Which items are left hanging in your closet? Which items do you truly love to wear? Which items do you find yourself wearing again and again? These are the pieces that make you feel like you can rule the world!


  1. Start a style journal. Write down the top 10 items that you adore. How would you describe the style of these items? What do you love most about them? Where were they purchased?


  1. Make your very own style mood board! Style is about inspiration and you need a place to keep all of your ideas. If you’re old school, you can browse your favorite magazines or newspapers. Cut out looks that you are drawn to, looks that speak to you and pieces that you would love to incorporate into your personal style. If you are tech savvy, you can use Pinterest. Pinterest is an online platform that allows you to pull images from all over the Internet into one space.


  1. Build your shopping list! Create your shopping list using the tools above combined with my expert wardrobe checklist below to decide how your Spring 2018 is going to look!

Shop my favorite wearable wardrobe basics below!



Happy shopping!