How to transition those summer clothes for Fall




One of spring and summer’s biggest trend was that classic blue and white stripe shirting. You probably saw it in the normal button down collared shirt style, or the off the shoulder style, or wrap dress or…the list could go on. It was the perfect crisp and clean look for the season. But, wait…summer is drawing to a close! How will you be able to keep wearing one of spring’s latest trends into the fall? It’s simple. Pair it with black.

I have multiple blue and white striped tops (and jeans) that I bought for spring and summer. I paired them with white denim, bright colors (like red and orange) and even my distressed blue denim. But now that we are entering the transitional period for fashion, I decided it was time look in my closet to see how I could style some of my summer clothes to make them look well, less summer.

The first thing that caught my eye was a pair of blue and white striped distressed jeans that I had purchased back in May to wear to my very first KC Sporting Game…which by the way was super fun and totally recommend for a fun day out). I continued to wear them with white tops and bright colored tops throughout the summer and really loved the look. But with Fall right around the corner, those combos started to feel a little stale. So instead I decided to take those springy striped pants and pair them with my favorite color…black! I loved how modern it looked. And it took these very springy pants and made them look more sophisticated and toned down… just more “transitional”. I then did the reverse with my blue and white striped tops and paired them with black denim.

Other ways to transition summer clothes to Fall:

  • Substitute some booties for your sandals
  • Add an oversized chunky sweater to jeans shorts and a t-shirt
  • Add that olive utility jacket to a dress
  • Throw that blue and white striped button down blouse over a black dress and tie it up!

Add a that cute fedora that you aren’t sure about wearing but totally should.


My fave transitional items

BTW…if you click on the pics, you can look at the details!


It’s hard to believe we are already talking about transitional clothes since it is only August, but GUYS….it will be Fall before you know it and you have to be prepared! So take a spin through your closet and find some items that you can transition easily by pairing them with black! You will instantly update that summer look and will for sure turn some heads. So….GO!