Ponchos! Do you have one? If you don’t, you should. Solids, prints, cardigan style, over the head “sweater style”, ones with sleeves, ones without sleeves…the list goes on and on. With so many different styles out there, which one will be for you?


Ponchos have been making a comeback for sometime now. As with the ebb-and-flow of fashion, this is a trend that will likely go in and out of style. But, right now it is an an easy piece that should be added to your winter wardrobe. The perfect piece for casual dinners, hanging out by your friend’s fire pit and roasting marshmallows, or just out running errands! It is amazing for wearing to the movies (I am always so cold in the theatre and this is basically like wearing a blanket. Score.)


Ponchos are something EVERYONE can pull off as long as they pay attention to BALANCE. They look great with a tapered leg: skinny jean, leggings, etc. If you are on the shorter side, try wearing a shoe with more of a heel to add a little height to your look. Besides, adding height will make your legs look long. I am always up for that.


Style Tips

  • Try wearing a coordinating long sleeve shirt underneath your poncho on those mild winter days instead of a coat.
  • Warning! Make sure your poncho isn’t so long that you are basically all poncho and no you.
  • To avoid the above, look for one that hits right below the waist or for one that creates a high/low look (hang higher in the front and lower in the back.)
  • Does your poncho have a cowl neck? Why don’t you try wearing your hair up in a messy bun. Having your hair up will help balance out the top half of your body. Watch this video from Popsugar to see exactly how I get my sexy messy top knots.

Here are a couple of my favorite ponchos right now

(and they are all under $100)


  1. Michael Michael Kors Poncho (great color and love the flattering V-neck)
  2. WithChic Poncho Sweater (simple and chic)
  3. Two by Vince Camuto Poncho (casual and comfy)
  4. Charlotte Russe poncho (MAJOR SAVE)
  5. Minnie Rose poncho  (reversible and high/low style)
  6. Asos poncho (saved the best for last)

Which one is your fave? Let me know in the comments below! Until next Friday…