For the past couple of months I had been contemplating some medical spa skin treatments…maybe even some Botox. After spending many summers at the pool in the sun, I have developed what they call a “1” in between my eyebrows and a fairly deep line in the middle of my forehead. I thought Botox was the only thing that would fix it. I also knew that it was going to be a big commitment and expensive. So before diving in, I decided to try a new skincare regimen called EVER.

But Abby…you always talk about style. Why are you talking about skincare? Because you guys…they aren’t all that different. The perfect outfit can make you feel like you can rule the world. A clear, radiant complexion will make you feel the same way! And…you wear your skin everyday! It is THE accessory for your entire look.

I had heard about Ever through various Facebook posts and in a couple of magazines. But, I have to admit, at first I was skeptical; this skincare line promised to make my wrinkles go away, take away the dark circles under my eyes, illuminate my skin and was supposed to be easy to use? I never thought I could afford something like that. But, the wrinkle in my forehead thought otherwise. So, when my good friend Jill reached out to me in regards to trying Ever, I decided to give it a try for 30 days. The company has a 45 day return guarantee policy. I had 45 days to decide if I loved it otherwise i could get a full refund. Even if I didn’t love it after 90 days I could still get full credit towards something else. So, I really didn’t have anything to lose.


My experience over the past 30 days with Ever


What is so great about Ever? All of it. To be completely honest, I have never had any major skin problems (great genetics from my mother), so…many of the skin care lines out there didn’t make sense for me to use. With a lot of unknown chemical ingredients, most of those regimens would have been too harsh for my skin. I have tried more natural skin care lines but…well…the results were always somewhat questionable. With Ever, I found a complete balance. And…they promised results. Sounded like a win-win for me.

Is it a simple regimen? YES. That is the only way I would continue to use it. It is a 4-step system but one of the steps is literally my new make up for the day so it is kinda like only 3 steps.

  1. Rebalance, the Cleanser.
  2. Reveal, the peel pads. Like a natural peel to show your radiant skin.
  3. Youthful (my fave), the face and eye serum. Stimulates your collagen and improves elasticity.
  4. Hydralift, the perfect moisturizer. I use that in the PM. But in the AM, I use Daylight tinted radiance moisturizer and I am so delighted that I actually CAN use this as my daily makeup!

There have been so many times when I have spent money on skincare and didn’t see any short term results so I just shelfed it. With Ever, I saw results within 7 days. My face literally looked like I had given it a giant drink of water. I was intrigued.

How does it work: By using LSR10, the products help to replenish depleted collagen. Did you know that by the time you reach 30 years old you start to lose a percentage of your collagen each year? Eek! The LSR10 serum is like a fountain of youth that helps to rebuild lost collagen. Yay!

How has it benefitted me? My wrinkles have started to diminish. Hallelujah! After only 30 days, you can barely see the “1” in between my eyebrows. The wrinkle across my forehead has started to diminish. It’s far from being gone, but I am thinking with the continued use of Ever, it eventually will.

What is my favorite thing about it? My fave thing about Ever is that I saw results right away and that I am STILL seeing results. When Jill first told me about the radiant moisturizer, she mentioned that I could just use that as my make up. I did not believe her. But, after 30 days, I can tell you that that is all I am using.

But I love to contour so how can I do that with just a moisturizer? I have a trick! I decided to use two different shades of the moisturizer to contour my face using a blender tool. Because I have oilier skin, I do brush a setting powder on top to set it and not fret it. It has been a life changer. Instead of doing 6 steps to put my make-up on, I am using 4 simple skin care steps and it is changing my skin from the inside out!

Why it works for me. My job has me running in a thousand directions a day, which means I try to add simplicity in my life whenever I can. If I only have to do 4 easy steps for my makeup before I run out the door then that is TOTALLY going to work for me. Also, I am constantly meeting with new people and looking my best is key. Ever makes my skin feel refreshed and makes it look radiant! (At least I think so.)

Does Ever sound like something you might like? Don’t take my word for it, chat with the expert! Jill is one of the founding specialists and she is offering complimentary consultations to determine which products would be best for your skin. You can email her directly: jill.hartman4@gmail.com

AND if you decide Ever is for you, you will get an “All Over Beauty Balm”. And you guys, this little vanilla cupcake pot of goodness is the best. It goes EVERYWHERE with me and makes my skin even more baby soft than it already is. It’s the perfect nude lip balm too and it really does smell like a vanilla cupcake. Yum. And just so you know, Ever is so great that they even offer a 45-day return guarantee. That is 15 more days than I needed;)


I took the pic above yesterday…on my 30th day…and with zero makeup on. It’s not perfect but it feels amazing. Wake your skin up with Ever! I certainly did.