Are you a guy or do you have a certain special someone in your life (of the male type) that needs a little help in the style world? Well, I am here to help. So many of you have reached out to me in regards to some help with men’s denim, so this is what we are going to focus on today!

Since there isn’t as much variety in the men’s fashion world as the women’s, fit is EXTREMELY important. And just a head’s up, the old saying “ you get what you pay for” is especially true when purchasing men’s denim. If your guy is wearing denim on the daily or even throughout the weekend, investing in a couple of pairs of really well fitted denim is a must.

So…what is the easiest way to navigate men’s denim when everything looks the same? First, let’s start with analyzing body type. Once you determine body type, it is much easier to navigate some of the styles.

Long and Lean

AWW FAVE: Paige Federal Slim

If you or your guy is long and lean, he can absolutely pull off the slimmer skinny style jean. This jean is going to be fitted through the seat and thigh and will be tapered at the ankle. If his style is more classic or relaxed right now, just a warning that this style might be a tough transition. But, if you gradually talk him into it and it the fit is correct, this style will work best with his body type.



This body type has a tapered waist and strong legs and calves. In order to have the correct fit, you need to look for athletic fitting denim. This style will fit true to size in the waist, run roomy through the thigh but then will taper back down through the rest of the leg to a more straight to tapered ankle.

Apple shaped

AWW FAVE Slim Straight: Fidelity Straight

AWW FAVE Classic Straight: AG Graduate 

This body type has a little extra cushion around the middle but typically has regular sized legs. This type will look best in a straight style or slim straight style jean. Straight style jeans are the most common style and fits comfortable through the seat and thigh. Slim Straight styles are somewhat tapered from knee to ankle. Regular straight styles will be a classic cut from knee to ankle. If you or your guy is used to a regular straight leg jean, the slim straight style would be a great way to integrate more of a modern look into the wardrobe without going to the skinny jean.


AWW FAVE: 7 for all Mankind Relaxed Straight Leg

This body type is usually thicker through the torso, seat and leg area. In order to feel comfortable and to make this body type look it’s best, it is usually best to go for a relaxed straight leg jean. This style will have ample room through the seat and thigh and still have an updated leg style that drops straight down.


Great news! Spandex, Lycra and other stretchy fabrics have been around in women’s denim for years and it is FINALLY present in men’s denim (which makes most of my male clients very happy). You can find stretch in all of the styles above but remember, if the denim is a little stretchy, it may also stretch out a little bit. So when purchasing, make sure the jeans are comfortably snug in the waist and fit great though the leg. When laundering denim for the first time, do a white vinegar rinse to set the dye of the jean. This will prevent them from fading or bleeding onto anything else.


This is a non-negotiable with me. Men’s denim needs to be tailored to the correct length. Just like women’s clothes, alterations can make or break a look and can take a look from frumpy to AMAZING so make sure the length is right. When getting alterations on denim, make sure to wear the shoes you plan on pairing with that particular pair of denim.


  • Any jeans that have pocket details
  • Worn out hems (that look like they have been stepped on by a shoe) because they weren’t hemmed correctly.
  • Large/thick stitching or colored stitching

How many pairs of denim does a guy need? Well, this depends on how often they wear them but my magic number range would be 5-6. This would include:

  • 2-3 medium blue wash jeans
  • 1 dark blue wash
  • 1 light blue wash
  • 2 non-blue denim options (tan, black or grey)


Here are my fave go-to brands of men’s denim for each style!

If you are in need of some help with men’s shopping or have a man in your life that needs a little help, contact me here!

Happy Shopping!