I love summer. This summer has been filled with lots of barbeques, patio time and a few too many trips to the ice cream parlor. Let’s just say that for the past couple of months my diet and exercise regimen has fallen to the wayside. With fall quickly approaching, I knew I needed to get my booty back into gear but my traditional gym visits were becoming boring and stale. I have always been a runner but needed something to supplement my runs that would help with strengthening and lengthening my muscles. Enter Club Pilates.


Spoiler alert! There is a treasure at the end of this blog post so keep reading!

I had seen a Pilate’s reformer before, but had never made the commitment to try the workout. Frankly, the reformer machine looked completely overwhelming and a little intimidating. Plus, it’s not like the people doing it were dripping with sweat so how could it possibly be a good workout? Right? Wrong.

Earlier this month, an old friend working at Club Pilates reached out to see if I wanted to come try it. Located in south Overland Park, it was extremely convenient and since I will pretty much try anything once, I obliged. I mean I didn’t have anything to lose. Little did I know, I was uncovering what has now become my new happy place. After my first class, I was sore in places that I have never been sore before. The “hurt so good” sore that makes you want to go back for more. So I did. Each time I went back the class was different, which is great because I get bored easily and so do my muscles.

Another plus? The instructors. Friendly and hands on (meaning they correct you if you are not doing something correctly). How many times have you been in a class…and you aren’t sure if you are doing a move quite right…but there are 50 other people in the class…so you can’t exactly ask the instructor if you are straining your neck or not…type of situation? This used to happen to me A LOT but, will never be an issue at Club Pilates. Even as a beginner, all of the instructors immediately made me feel at ease. And with a maximum class size of only 12 people, I get individualized attention, which is something I was missing in classes I did at the gym.

If you haven’t ever seen a reformer here are some action shots of my first class!




I have now completed 8 classes and feel like a pro…not really but I do understand what the hype is and why people fall in love with the workout. Each class is different ranging from low impact to high impact (cardio jump). However, no matter what the class, I leave feeling stronger and leaner. My abs are being worked in ways they never have before. It is a complete and total body workout that can be done by women AND men of all ages because it is easy on your joints and you are stretching while you workout. Say what?? Needless to say…I am hooked. I mean it is basically like gymnastics for adults. And it is SO FUN.




Not only do I love the workouts, but I have also fallen in love with the apparel available in the studio. Just like the workouts, the leggings they carry are for ALL AGES. As a stylist, I am always on the lookout for unique pieces that will work into my client’s wardrobes in more ways than one. So, with the athleisure trend hotter than ever, leggings are always high on my shopping lists. But, not just regular leggings, leggings that can be used in a workout or worn as “pants”. Yes, you heard me right. “Leggings as pants” is still a thing. I do have a couple of rules though.

  1. Make sure they are stylish: Black will always be functional and chic but if I am investing in athleisure leggings I am looking for something unique. Look for fun details or a printed fabric. If you go the printed route though, I would stick to neutrals.
  2. Comfort is key: As I have gotten older, soft fabric has become VERY IMPORTANT. If something isn’t soft and breathable I am not interested.
  3. Look for the higher waist: High-waist leggings are so good. I look for this style to prevent any muffin top issues. Stretch fabric can be deceiving so make sure you are buying the correct size. Also, look for wider waist-bands as they will flatten your tummy. I have the perfect style for you!

Keep reading for my fave new legging styles for Fall!

Onzie Black Snakeskin print legging.


Obsessed. I invested in a pair of leather looking leggings last winter and I wore them all the time. Dressed up with booties or dressed down with sneakers, they were a major staple in my wardrobe. When I saw these, I HAD TO HAVE THEM. Not only will they function the same way as my other leggings but they work into my workout wardrobe too. And I love the variation…instead of just straight leather it has a fun print. Super stylish and comfortable. Here they are paired with a bright red Club muscle tank with gold foil print for workout wear.


Here they are styled as a to-and-from look. You know…like to and from my favorite pilates studio.



And here they are styled for Fall with a sleeveless sweater and block heeled sandal.


And here with a basic denim shirt and leopard sneakers for when I am out running around! Talk about totally transitional leggings!

Onzie Olive Legging with mesh cutouts

Green pants

Not only is olive a major color for Fall but it is also one of my favorites. So when I saw the color spilling over into workout wear, they had to be mine. The fabric is soft and thinner but not the bad kind of thin…if you know what I mean. The mesh insets make them unique, stylish and breathable. They are like having a built in air conditioner in your pants. Brilliant. And they are going to look so cute with my black high tops and a black leather jacket later in the Fall.

Beyond Yoga Stirrup leggings


With a high waist band that makes you look 5 pounds lighter and the softest, most buttery fabric I have ever worn, these leggings are my one of the greatest inventions of all time. The stirrups are great for my workouts and elongate my legs. If 90’s fashion is back, then of course stirrups are coming back in style too. Try these leggings. You will not be sorry. Also, how cute is Andrea, my friend and owner of Club Pilates!

All of these “must need” items are completely AWW approved and available at the Overland Park Club Pilates right now. If you love something and must have it, let me know and I can hand deliver to you! I mean everyone needs this PEACE PINOT PILATES tank.


Because I love Club Pilates so much, I decided to partner up with Andrea to do an exclusive giveaway just for my readers! I am so excited to offer a complimentary TRI it week at Club Pilates!

You will receive a limited time 3 class sample pack. A $75 value! Take your choice of 3 Club Pilates classes in a week and receive an additional 30% off the first month of your membership when you join. Holy Moly this is a really great deal. AND we are also giving away one additional semi-private lesson for you and up to 4 of your closest friends! Totally free! Head over to my Instagram to read the rules! Good luck and hope to see you there soon!