New York Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine. At an early age, my mother surprised me with a subscription to Women’s Wear Daily, aka The Fashion Bible. This weekly magazine kept me up to date with everything happening in the fashion industry: new designers, new store openings, upcoming trends and my favorite…their inside look into New York Fashion Week. The designers were celebrities and their collections were their personal works of art. I assumed attending fashion week would always remain a dream for me, until this Fall…when dreams came true for me and I traveled to New York for NYFW. Many people asked me how I was able to get into the shows and let me tell you wasn’t super easy. Months before the trip, I reached out to about 150 Public relations agencies and design houses to request tickets to shows as a blogger and wardrobe stylist. Many of the emails remained unanswered until a week before! But, I kept my fingers crossed and was invited to some! I couldn’t make it to all of them but saw as many as I could and took it all in. In the end, I got to see 5 runway shows, scout upcoming trends from designers. It was a pretty incredible experience.

But I have to say that even better than going to runway shows, was the overall exposure to classic New York style. I had a front-row seat to the melting pot of New York street style. Each show I attended brought the top bloggers and media influencers and everyone was dressed to impressed. To me, it looked like anything and everything was and is in style in New York with the right attitude. No one was afraid to push the envelope or dress too bold. Striped tops with hot pink fur details? Totally normal.


  • Frayed or destroyed denim in all different styles..but I did see a lot of cropped flare styles worn with booties!
  • Slide mules and taller than ankle booties in unexpected colors like white and red. And not just in leather, there was suede and PLEATHER…I mean for real!
  • Socks with heels and booties. Think hosiery socks or fish net socks. Just a little way to add a style detail.
  • Dramatic embellishments-lots of pearls, embroidery, glitter, feathers on denim, jackets and blouses. Sky was the limit!
  • Fall Florals Lots of fall floral prints AND they were in unexpected soft colors like dusty rose.
  • Unique color combos: like mustard gold and black or rust and cobalt blue
  • The return of the blazer: The go-to 3rd piece for this fall is the blazer.
  • SO MANY SNEAKERS I mean, one of the runway shows that I attended was a women’s collection of menswear inspired suiting and all the models were wearing sleek white leather sneaks!

As an artist, inspiration is a key in creating your personal style. As a fashion stylist, New York Fashion Week was the greatest inspiration I could have ever hoped for. Surrounding yourself with people who love the same things you do is a great way to renew your passion! You have heard me say before, “If you like it wear it.” Yes, it’s fun to follow trends and keep up with the hottest looks, but personal style is about digging deep and finding the styles and pieces that speak to you and your personality. It’s empowering to express yourself to other people without even speaking. You can feel confident in your everyday life because when you look good, you feel good.

New York Fashion Week was a total dream come true. I loved seeing one of the fashion capitals up close and personal. People in New York, dressed for themselves and wore clothing that showcased their own personal style. The confidence and energy of everyone I saw was electric and inspired me to jump-start my own personal style. And I really wanted to bring some of my NYFW inspiration back to my hometown so that is exactly what I did…and I bought some amazing white leather booties They are so fun. I mean, they are kind of ridiculous and they are certainly out of the box (even for me.) but as soon as I wore them, I knew they were totally me. Personal style is about expressing yourself in ways that make you feel confident. And that is exactly how these NYFW inspired white booties felt for me.

Soooo, with the holiday’s around the corner, it is the PERFECT time to step out of your own box and try something new. Is there a trend or style out there that you have been wanting to try? Do it! Did you travel somewhere amazing and see something that inspired you to try something new with your own personal style? What are you waiting for? Just do it! And if you do….I want to hear all about it.

Oh…and if you want a peek at what I wore that wonderful week in New York City….