But seriously. It would not have been my birthday if there weren’t cupcakes and a photo shoot involved. Thank goodness I have very understanding friends that oblige me in my shenanigans…like this.

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Even though my birthday has come and gone, I didn’t want you guys to miss out on one of my birthday outfits and all of the details too! As you can see, this isn’t exactly a weekday outfit. This black lace peplum top and long kimono are pieces that I would put in the category of “specialty items”.

Specialty items are the exact opposite of basics. Most of the time, my clients and I spend quite a bit of time rebuilding their closet by adding in everyday basics, which, don’t get me wrong, everybody does need. However, every once in awhile, you want to have something fun…something unique…something that makes you FEEL fancy. So that is where the specialty category kicks in. This category includes that amazing top that you might only wear 2 times a year. Or it might be that jacket that everyone loves but you only break out once in a blue moon. The problem with specialty items is that they CAN be expensive and many are weary of spending their hard earned dollars on something that is only going to worn a handful of times. So how do I make this work without breaking the bank?? It’s called FAST FASHION people. Stores like Forever 21, H&M, Zara are all examples of stores you can find fun, trendy, fashionable items for a fraction of the cost. If you only wear it twice, it’s OK. It was less than $25 (well a lot of the time that is the case anyways). This was the case with this outfit too! Pair fast fashion items with more investment pieces and viola! You have achieved the art of High/Low fashion.

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Leather pants|| similar here

Lace peplum top || Forever 21

Full length kimono || Similar here

Mules/the best shoes ever || Seychelles

Cupcakes || Smallcakes

 Rules for buying Fast Fashion

  1. Stick to tops. Pants and bottoms from these types of places are not made as meticulously and the fit will most likely not be great.

2. Stay away from cotton knit. The cotton tops will be super cheap but probably won’t wash very well. Even though it is not very much money, it is still money and you don’t want to have to throw it away after one wear! I mean…let’s at least try to get two wears!

3. Stick to fabrics like Polyester. This fabric is washable and can look more expensive.

4.Try it on. Some of these types of stores will only let you return for store credit if that. So, take a minute to try items on before going home. Please.

5. Black and white are always going to look the most sophisticated.

Are you still a little nervous about venturing into one of these stores? Don’t Fret! Take a friend…like me!

Until next time…