Today was quite the day! With the solar eclipse HAPPENING and getting to see my friends at Better Kansas City, my schedule was full. To stay on brand with the total totality of the solar eclipse, I was asked on the show to chat about my favorite ways to style the color black or HOW TO ROCK THAT BLACK ON BLACK LOOK. 

Seeing how black is my favorite color to wear, I was excited to share how to knock that “black on black” look out of the park. To some, it may be boring. But, if you add a little out of the box thinking and a smidgen of creativity then…BAM! You have a look of perfect sophistication. And this is how you do it.

My top 3 favorite ways to wear the color black

1. Mix those prints!

Find items with classic prints…think stripes, polka dots, plaid, animal print..etc. Make sure these prints all have the color black SOMEWHERE so that the look is still cohesive. Try something like I did which included a leopard mini skirt, black lace top and black and cream striped sweater. I finished off the look with some black boucle sneakers because sneakers are IT right now and most certainly are having a moment.

2. Take your LBD out for a spin

There is a reason that every wardrobe capsule you see tells you that you NEED a little black dress (or LBD). I do believe in this fashion commandment, but I don’t think your black dress has to be saved up only for special occasions. Why not style your LBD into something you can wear everyday? Try something like this: Black dress, bomber jacket, leather belt and yes another darling pair of sneakers. We just took an otherwise dressy slip dress and turned it into streetwear in a snap!

3. Play with Texture

Have you ever noticed how some black fabric can look greenish or bluish or brownish? That is because different fabric manufacturers work with different dye lots. This makes it really hard to “match blacks” and hence is why most people think wearing black on black is a cardinal sin. However, not only is black on a black a good looking combo, it is slimming and the ultimate way to look professional or sophisticated. So, when when you want to rock that black on black look, make sure the fabrics are different TEXTURE. The texture adds dimension to the fabric so that if the color is off a little bit, it is camouflaged. Try this: Black Crepe pants with a black lace top. Each of these pieces have a certain texture that makes the look flow. If you are more into color, then find a piece that has a pop to it, like this floral embroidered lace top. Finish off with a chunky necklace and that perfect black mule and you are set!

For my black on black look today, I went the little black dress route. I added my fave leather jacket, some cool sneaks and added a pop of color with a turquoise squash blossom necklace. And because I love theme days, I partook in the face painting that was happening at the studio. This look made me feel cool, comfortable and ready for whatever the day was going to bring…mostly it just brought the solar eclipse.

So I want to know…what is your favorite way to to wear “black on black”? Drop me a note in the comments below! I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration!