Fall shopping time is finally here! Bring on the fall colors I love like rust, olive, burgundy and lots of black. But before I get my shop on, I have a few rules set in place for myself. Rules you ask? Absolutely. If you have followed along with my blog for sometime now, then you know that I always urge people to shop with STRATEGY. When you shop with a strategy, you end up having a wardrobe that works in harmony and a closet filled with pieces that you love!

I have really been loving the color rust lately. Wanting to add more of this color into my fall wardrobe, I went on a quest to find a few new pieces. I popped into one of my favorite boutique collectives, The Kindred shops and stumbled up a bunch of rust colored pieces from the boutique Ruby Rouge including the cutest rust polka dot dress! I love polka dots (always have and they are totally trending this fall) but I was unsure that I would actually WEAR it. So I put my shopping strategy to test. I told myself that if I was going to purchase the dress, I needed to brainstorm 3 different ways to wear it. And so I did.

Starting with this super fuzzy rust colored sweater. I loved this sweater almost as much as the polka dot dress and both were from the Ruby Rouge Boutique. And then it occurred to me! Monochromatic rust could be a great look!

Next, wanting to pop the cream polka dot from the dress, I decided the second way to wear this dress was paired with a long thermal cardigan with ballooned sleeves. I finished this look off with one of my wool hats for a transitional fall style.

Needing one last “way to wear it” I racked my brain on what I already had in my closet that could work. Of course! My denim jacket. A go-to for me all year round, my denim jacket is the perfect 3rd piece for this dress either tied around my waist or worn on my shoulders.

And that’s it! 3 ways to wear this super trendy piece! If you are looking to add some fun fall pieces into your wardrobe, make sure to pop into The Kindred Shops at Oak Park Mall. There is a little something there for everyone!