About 2 years ago, my best friend professed her love for overalls. I looked at her and said, “you will NEVER see me in overalls again.” You see… I had a love affair with a pair of KEY brand overalls, that my uncle (a dairy farmer) gifted me in the 8th grade. I wore them until there were too many holes to wear them anymore. I loved them so much that to this day, overalls remind me of the 8th grade. This also means that they remind me of being a kid and kids clothes on adults…not always cute. Which is why I had told my friend that she would never see me in overalls.

Flash forward about 23 years and here I am LOVING overalls all over again. I even had a few clients buy them this past spring because they loved them so much However, wearing overalls at an older age does have a few rules. Here is how I made these adorable overalls from the Knitted Belle Boutique (found at The Kindred Shops) perfect for my wardrobe! Knitted Belle is a newer boutique to me and I must say I really like a lot of the pieces that were available. All styles were trendy and up to date and still age appropriate for somebody like me:)

How to make overalls work for you!

  1. I tried a skinny leg. My key overalls were widddddddeeee leg like all the way down and way to long for me too. Hey, that was the STYLE then. With the skinny more tapered leg style, I feel like I can have a more streamlined look. And since I am short, it makes my legs look longer. I would be open to a boot-cut fit as well…going to look for a pair of those this fall.
  2. I focused on fit. Long ago, the style of overalls was oversized and you guys, that’s exactly what mine were. The slouchier the better. So this time around, I opted for a pair of overalls that were fitted (not tight) but fitted enough that you could see my curves.
  3. It’s all about how you style them. Wanting to keep these overalls more feminine, I decided to pair them with a more fitted high neck tank with a ruffled neck and sleeve hole (also found from the Knitted Belle boutique at The Kindred Shops.) Having something fitted underneath the overalls gives an ordinarily casually styled piece, a more elevated look. And, because I love a great monochromatic look, I found a top that was in beige so that I could do a whole “shades of white” look. Monochromatic looks are easy and always look put together.


By definition, fashion tends to ebb and flow through the years. And honestly, it isn’t strange for styles to peek their heads back in from decade to decade. I should have known that I would love overalls again. I will now make sure my “never’s” turn into “maybe’s” from now on. And if you are looking for the perfect pair of white overalls to finish off the summer, go visit my friends at The Kindred shops and pick up a pair before they are all gone!