It’s time for the big dance! If you are a basketball fan, then you know what that means. If you are a Kansas Jayhawk…then you LIVE for this time of the year! As a devoted Jayhawk fan and stylist, I am always in search of cute game day gear. So when my friends at Charlie Hustle contacted me to let me know that they FINALLY clenched the license to sell KU stuff, I couldn’t wait to share the great news with you!

When I was in college, I always looked forward to visiting Allen Fieldhouse, the home of the Jayhawks basketball team. There was something so special about being amongst my fellow students and cheering the hawks on for a W that made me very happy…and still does! When my husband and I first started dating, one of our favorite pasttimes was going to games. When tournament time came around, we used to go to all of them! Basketball games were a regular activity in the month of March and we loved every minute of it. Now, game days have become more and more of a social gathering. This social activity has created a whole new category of fashion. Game day Style. Whether you are going to the game or meeting friends out for a watch party, there are lots of fun ways to look stylish! And if you are a lover of Charlie Hustle (like I am) I have BRAND NEW options for you to wear for the next big game on Thursday!













Where can you get these awesome amazing new shirts???

If you live in KC:

Charlie Hustle Store 


Made In KC

The Bunker



If you live in Lawrence:

Sharks Surf Shop



Whenever I wear a t-shirt, I always try to add a little pizazz to my look. Here are a couple of ways to jazz up your new

Roll it up! Try rolling the sleeves in a thin roll to show off those arms.

Tie it up! Yes t-shirt knots are completely acceptable now. Done correctly, this look can nip in your waist. Try a side knot or a front knot!

Remember the third piece! Add a coordinating plaid or checkered printed button down. Try layering the shirt over your t-shirt with the buttons unbuttoned and roll up the sleeves. OR for an edgier look, tie the shirt around the waist.

Show your sneaker game. Don’t ruin this look with your old running shoes. Add a street shoe like a slip on sneaker to keep it casual AND stylish.

The sweet sixteen is happening soon! Make sure to go grab your new Charlie Hustle KU shirt before they sell out…because they are so great, they most likely will! RCJH!