Its summertime! It’s finally time to soak up the sun (with sunscreen of course) and spend some time at the pool. For months, we have spent endless hours at the gym and eating a healthy diet in order to prepare for this season. You think, “the hard part is done!” But then you remember. You still need to go swimsuit shopping. A dark cloud circles above you because shopping for a swimsuit is just about the worst. But, it doesn’t have to be. Some of you may have seen my latest fashion blog in Herlife magazine about my fave swimsuits for the season. But, I am sure you are wondering but which one is for me?? Never fear, I am here! I have compiled a trusty swimsuit style guide to direct you to the perfect bathing suit that will make you want to strut your stuff.

Whenever I shop for my clients, I am shopping with a strategy. My goal is to find styles that will work best with their specific body type. This is a KEY when shopping for swimwear. Lighting is key too. Dressing room lighting can be your greatest enemy. So just remember, you are going to look about a thousand times better in natural light…at the pool.

So….if you are:

Petite busted: Pretty petite everywhere but especially up top. Bra size AA-B.

Did you know that there are specific styles that can help, well, enhance the top area? Look for sweetheart necklines or tops that look like a bra. Most are going to come with a little padding and the style is the perfect way to give that area a little umph. Also, scout out tops with extra details like ruffles, which enhances the area too!


Full busted: You wear a C or above in a Bra.

Did you know certain brands make swimwear in cup sizes? Hallelujah. And some even have underwire?? Gasp. Ask local boutiques and department stores if they carry them. If you are a busty girl, this could be life changing.


Straight up and down: Straight up and down in the torso and narrow through the hips.

It’s all about the cutouts! Look for styles that have that monokini look with cutouts on the sides to create the illusion of a waist. Also try two-piece suits with fun girly details. Tie side bottoms can be adjusted to enhance any curves you might have too!

Pear/apple shaped: smaller on top and bigger on the bottom.

You want to highlight your top half as much as possible. A gorgeous plunging neckline will draw the eye in a vertical motion creating length in your shape. Stay away from boy shorts if possible.



Hourglass: 36-24-36 These may not be your exact measurements but you are definitely more of that “little in the middle” type shape.

You want emphasize your curves with styles that will support the top half and slim the bottom. Tankinis or tops with a retro halter style top are perfect for you. Skirted bottoms will give that flirty feminine look that will also cover your bottom half. Super cute and very on trend.

Tummy Concealing: You look great but want to slim your middle out just a tad. Ruching detail is your best friend. This style element will hide any imperfections in that area and will still be flattering. Want something a little bit trendier? Look for suits with peek-a-boo mesh. This style gives the illusion of a two piece while camouflaging the mid section. Super slimming too!


What about the accessories? Your swimsuit isn’t the only thing you need to think about! Make sure to remember those hats, cover ups and pool bags! These 3rd piece items will for sure complete your pool look!