For years, all women wore to work was power suiting. Lots of black and grey filled their closets…along with lots of gloom. As years pass, work places are adopting a more fun way of dressing and I am all about it. I mean, if you work in an environment where everyone dresses up in suits all the time, do not let me steer you away from owing a perfectly TAILORED modern suit. This is a staple and will serve you for years worn together and also broken apart as separates. But, if your work attire landscape has become a little more casual, then this is the perfect time for adding in some unique pieces and to add some color in your life!

Lately, I’ve had quite a few clients wanting to update their wear-to-work wardrobes.  With lots of workplaces moving to business casual or “really casual”, work-wear is not always the easiest to find. So instead of looking in my usual spots, I started to look beyond the box and was able to seek out fun and exciting pieces in some pretty unexpected places!  There are gems all over KC stocked full of goodies that you can work into your work wardrobe and that includes one of my favorite treasures, Kindred! In search of a white blazer for a client (and myself), I popped in to see what I could find. You see…a white blazer really “pops” against all colors of your wardrobe and is (IMO) a wardrobe staple for Spring! As soon as I walked in, I spotted it! It checked off all of my boxes: non-wrinkle fabric, a longer length, and a relaxed fit, which is great for comfort. And for under $100, you should go pick yours up today!


Tip 1: Look for conservative colors like black, navy and white that you can pop with brighter colors like yellow or red. Red and navy is a great combo and more conservative. The black and yellow combo has now emerged as a modern color combo. And you can always do black and white!

Tip 2: Stripes and polka dots. Whether it is on top or on bottom, bold stripes are a great way to add a sophisticated print to your day. Don’t be afraid of horizontal stripes. They aren’t all bad, I promise. If you aren’t quite sure about it, TRY IT ON. And polka dots…always a classic.

Tip 3: Embrace White and Red as your new neutrals. I especially love all of the white 3rd pieces that are available right now. These colors are perfect for spring and summer weather and both will “pump up the volume” on any look. I especially love a great white or red blazer. If you don’t have one, it’s time.

Tip 4: If you work in a business casual environment (where jeans are optional), don’t forget about all of the new styles of denim that are available. Dressed up with a heel, denim can look just as put together as a pair of pants! My favorite style for Spring, the cropped flare jean. I’m going to be honest with you…at first it is going to feel like an awkward length. But, when you pair it with a pointed toe pump it shows off that slim ankle and elevates the look. Plus, fun denim styles are the perfect way to take your daytime look to night in a snap!