Sure it’s still February but people I am telling you, Spring will be here before you know it! And with personal style, it is important to be ahead of the game. With that being said, it’s time to start looking for the perfect transitional Spring jacket!

Why does your wardrobe need a Spring transitional jacket? Because it is the perfect third piece to layer while the weather is transitioning to warmer temps. And then….you can wear it with lighter clothing once the Spring is here! You follow me?

So I started my search at Kindred, one of my favorite little local gems. If you stopped by the blog last month, then you saw my Dressing room diaries from Kindred. Which also means you know, I like it for fun, trendy and budget friendly finds! Plus, when I shop Kindred I am supporting my local friends in the KC Style world!

Minutes in to my search, I found two great Spring transitional jackets! My personal style is always going to guide me to neutrals, especially when it is a wardrobe staple that I am hoping to wear on the daily. And the jackets that I found were no different.

Jacket 1: Classic Swing Jacket (The Kindred Shops-Scoobie)

I was drawn to this piece right away because of it’s adorable striped satin lining! Give me a business in the front and party in the back situation and I am all in. I love that this jacket had classic details (large wooden buttons and gun flaps) mixed with modern design (cropped and ¾ sleeves).

How to style it: Swing jackets are more voluminous, so make sure to balance your look with something more slim, such as a skinny pant or jean or fitted dress or skirt.

How to wear it now: Layer it over a black turtleneck and pair with a black jean for that super sleek look.

How to wear it later: With that perfect little black dress that is straight up and down.



Jacket 2: Modern Drape Trench (The Kindred Shops-Ensemble)

Sometimes I like a break from structure and gravitate towards flowy (not ruffles) but something with great drape. I love the color of this modern trench, the belt to cinch in my waist and how the fabric is super lightweight.

How to style it: This jacket has got it goin on…but that also means it literally has A LOT going on with the style. Keep it THE statement piece by pairing it with classic, simple staples.

How to wear it now: Over a sweater to keep you warm and paired with your favorite pair of blue jeans.

How to wear it later: This color will look great against a denim or chambray button down and a pair of black jeans.


Shop these amazing two pieces from Kindred at Oak Park Mall and tell them I said hi!