The Return of the Logo Tee + Kindred

The Logo tee is a huge spring trend. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. But how do you wear it? Figuring out how to style the logo tee is tough, especially when there are so many to choose from! Some have cute clever slogans, some have retro throwback icons, and others are just simply a logo. The logo tee is a great way to express your style without having to say anything!

I was out and about checking out some of my favorite collections from The Kindred Shops and I came across the cutest logo tee ever! I know you have heard me talk about Kindred for quite awhile. One of the reasons I love it? Located at Oak Park Mall (right next to Nordstrom) it is totally accessible to lots of people in Kansas City. Another reason? Because supporting local KC shops is super important to me and Kindred is FILLED with them. Lastly, I love it because no matter what, I can always find something I like there! Like this “feeling peachy” tee! It is so cute, super soft and the logo is spot on with my personality.

So, when I saw this logo tee from the boutique, Ensemble, I fell in love with it right away. Ensemble carries lots of soft and simple basics, which is right up my alley. But anytime I am making a buying decision, I figure out how to style it. I like to push the limits with my looks so I put on my thinking cap. How could I wear it to best fit my personal style? Remembering a camo skirt I had been eyeing for awhile, it clicked! This tee would pair perfectly with it. I always love that cross between masculine and feminine style so the more cutesy “feeling peachy” tee would be the perfect contrast to the edginess of the camouflage print. Always wanting to have my third piece, I threw my oversized jean jacket around my waist, slipped on my checkerboard vans and my look was complete.


So how can you make the logo tee trend work for you? Follow these simple rules!

  1. It’s all about the mismatch. Pair your logo tee with something that wouldn’t ordinarily match to the naked eye. The contrast of styles will make your look unique!
  2. Style up that tee! Don’t be afraid to tie it in a side or front knot, tuck it in (all the way) with a belt, half tuck in the front of your skirt or jeans, or my new favorite, roll up the sleeves!
  3. Make the style work for you and make it meaningful! If you have a classic or preppy style, find a logo tee with a slogan that sounds like you and throw on a blazer! If you have a more trendy style, find a retro inspired tee (any friends out there with a fave 80’s band?) and pair with another trendy piece, like a jean skirt. Or, you can go bold with a ruffled skirt!


Now go out and find the logo tee that speaks to YOU!