Soooooo….how many times have you packed for a trip only to end up taking your entire closet (including 10 pairs of shoes)? Then you get to the airport, weigh your luggage and its past the max weight. Finally you arrive to your destination and you realize you are spending hours in your hotel room trying to decide what to wear each day. This is a far too familiar scenario for many people and can take the fun out of traveling. I have heard this time and time again, which is why I devised a plan to help my clients with packing! So far, everyone has loved it! When my friends at Better Kansas City asked me to come chat about travel packing I was like OF COURSE! Check it out.


Are you going on a trip soon? Here are some helpful tips on how to pack smart and be stylish on your next trip!

  • Check the weather
  • Analyze your travel plans day by day or by event to determine what you need to pack
  • Add up the total number of looks you need
  • Choose a neutral color pallete to maximize more looks from fewer items. Everything will match!
  • Put together a working wardrobe for your entire travel time and choose head-to-toe looks for each day/event from travel day up until the day you return.
  • Photograph them for future reference

Why a color pallete?

Because when you are traveling you want to enjoy it…not worry about what you are going to wear! My fave color pallete to use is neutral colors like black, white and denim and then pop in a color! Keeping the color pallet neutral, makes it super easy to build multiple looks from minimal items because everything goes together! Adding that pop of color will help each look special. I especially love this pallete of black, white, denim and BLUSH! If you live in the KC area, Anaphora is a fantastic destination for shopping for this exact thing.

Extra Tips

-Pick neutral shoes that will coordinate with almost anything

-Roll your clothes in your suitcase to save space. This will keep away the wrinkles!

-Pack your shoes last! They fit great in the corners and crevices of your clothing.


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And because I have gotten so many questions about what I wore, here’s a close up and some details!

Top || Who What Wear by Target

Black Denim || Nordstrom

Boots || Marc Fisher

Necklace || Stella & Dot

Need help getting ready for your next trip or curious to know more details? Let’s chat!