I am sure that you have heard me talking about the one staple you should have this season, the black turtleneck. I love the turtleneck because it looks sophisticated on it’s own, it is perfect for layering under third pieces and because it keeps me warm! (Anyone else kind of over this snow??) So if you don’t have one yet, probably time to go get one. If you already have one, then how about you take it a step further to another fave item of the season.  The black turtleneck dress!

Ever since I knew I was going to be pretty pregnant during the winter, this item was on my shopping list. I knew it would be everything a turtleneck is to me and more. But the best part? This piece is going to be GREAT next year when I am not pregnant! It is sleek, comfortable and easy to layer. But don’t take my word for it…you should try it out yourself!

But before you do, here are a couple of tips for finding the perfect turtleneck sweater dress for you!

1.A sweater dress is meant to be a feminine piece for your wardrobe. Choose a size that doesn’t squeeze but loosely hugs your curves to show them off.

2. Look for sweater knit that has some ribbing or texture to it. This will help camouflage any imperfections you might be worried about and will make the dress hug your figure instead of hang like a potato sack.

3. Longer is better! Look for a length that is to the knee or below. But make sure the length is in proportion to your height as well. For example: Shorties, look for a dress to the knee or right below. Taller gals, look for a dress that is below the knee and beyond.

4. Style the dress up with your 3rd piece! Add a jacket, long line vest, blazer, cardigan sweater or whatever else you love. I love adding a little edge to my personal style, so this leather vest was the perfect addition for me.

Find your perfect dress below! I carefully curated four head-to-toe looks of how to style the black turtleneck dress!  Happy shopping!